Friday, June 18, 2010

The Cloth Diaper Posting

Since so many people are asking us about cloth diapering (since we do it full time), I thought I would write a post about it so everyone knows what we do, and how well it works!

cloth diapers

First, I would like to say that the photo above is only one day of diapers for Miss E. It saddens my heart that if she were in disposables, that many diapers, PER DAY, would be thrown into a landfill, where they take over 500 years to break down. Environmental reasons aside, I hate the chemicals against my daughter's skin. She got a terrible diaper rash when we first brought her home because she was in disposables. I can't say she never has problems now, but she has never had anything more than a little tender redness.

Check out this test run on Pampers:

Can you imagine what that does to a child's little tush?

*steps off soapbox*

We use primarily BumGenius 3.0 OS. We bought 24 of these. I like them because they will fit her until she grows out of diapers, and they're velcro which is easier to adjust than the snaps. These are also made in the USA, which is important to me.

We have 5 of the BG Organics. I like these because they're organic and its cotton on her butt rather than synthetic material. These stain really easily and need to be sunned out. They also take FOREVER to dry in the sun. Its hard to deal with when its raining or winter.

We have 6 small fuzzi bunz. These are made in China, so I don't entirely trust the materials. They're cute, they fit well. We have had a couple leaks with these, but otherwise they're fine.

We have 3 of the GroBaby original OS. These are still getting washed enough and have leaked a bit. The lady who watches her said they need about 8-9 washes before they're absorbent, and then they're fine.

We use about 10-12 diapers a day right now because we like to keep her dry. We do diaper laundry every day just to keep the room smelling good. I don't like leaving filthy diapers in her bedroom for more than a day.

We use cloth wipes and a cloth wipe warmer. I highly recommend the wipe warmer because I use the cloth wipes for everything. The Prince Lionheart wipes are garbage, so don't buy more, they're falling apart. I like the homemade ones I bought from Etsy.

We use the California Baby diaper cream that works with cloth diapers.

I think that's it... if anyone has questions, let me know!

Eliza in a BG

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