Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Dove!

Elizabeth, Your second year on this earth has been a whirlwind. I know that it wasn’t as crazy as your first year, and I am thankful for the stability. This last year has been incredible. You have changed so much from a small, fragile little person into an opinionated, silly, happy little girl. You are a child now, no longer a baby and that just amazes me. When you were first born, I remember eagerly anticipating your first smile, then your first steps, and now I find myself curious as to what type of person you’re going to be.

You’re already an incredibly talented musician. You can keep beat whether you’re dancing or singing. You know all the words to the ABC song, baby bumble bee, and the walking walking up up up songs. You know how to count into the teens. You can identify any letter or number. I am just utterly in awe of how brilliant you are. Your dad and I try really hard to take you places to help you develop. I took you to the zoo last week and you got to pet your first sheep. It was like you met a celebrity. You were so excited, and so happy. I want to fill your life with experiences and firsts. You ate sushi the other day with chop sticks, I was impressed.

You’re the only kid at the park that can climb up all the structures with ease. You’re the only little one that can go down the big slide with no parental help. You’re so independent, and so amazing. I can’t believe you’re 2, you’re incredible. Right now you’re obsessed with hippos. There is a video of a hippo pooping and you crack up laughing. I think you had an anxiety dream about hippos because you were a little scared last week. We talked about hippos and how they don’t bite you. You like to grab your plastic hippo and you make it bite me or daddy and you say “watch out mommy, hippos bite!”

You have a tricycle and you rode your bike around the block with your dad. I was amazed. Nobody sees a child under 2 riding a bike out on the street. You look so cute with your little helmet.

I love you little girl. You’re worth everything to me. I can’t wait to see what you do in the next year. I am already so proud.

With love,
Your mama.

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