Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Picture Post

We haven't posted in quite some time and Eliza has grown so much since the last post. We are all doing fine and work is going well for both of us. We're really looking forward to this summer so we can do some more outdoor things. Eliza really enjoys going for bike rides down to the marina where she runs around and plays on all the playground equipment. Halloween IMG_2087 With Mom and Dad at the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day IMG_2228 At Baker Beach in San Francisco IMG_2098 Fun at the park IMG_2185 They love each other IMG_2172 Double Bah! IMG_2197 Fun with a big leaf IMG_2231 Singing and playing her guitar IMG_2249 Enjoying an orange at costco IMG_2265 Practicing her adjustment technique on her bear IMG_2281 She's a natural IMG_2305 Having fun! IMG_2336 Eliza and her train in front of the tree IMG_2363 Playing at the beach in Santa Cruz IMG_2438 IMG_2457 Bike ride! IMG_2481 Using chopsticks for the first time IMG_2502 Being a little rascal at Ace Hardware IMG_2509 Being goofy with Mom IMG_2669 IMG_2549 IMG_2560 Bike ride! IMG_2594 First time bowling IMG_2640 IMG_2635 Such a ham! IMG_2611 Rachel and I ran the Lake Merritt couples relay and did really well IMG_2651 Playing ball in the backyard IMG_2737 IMG_2758 Riding the big horse IMG_2791 Riding the little horse IMG_2790 IMG_2826 IMG_2852 Trip to the wildlife museum IMG_2919 IMG_2936 IMG_2937

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