Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amazing website for all of your garage sailing needs!

You go here, enter your zip code or address, and it takes all of the yard sales being advertised on You can click on each of the plots and it describes the listing!

I have a feeling this is going to take up a large part of our summer!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So uhh... Who reads this thing?

Mark and I were wondering if anyone actually reads this. We sometimes spend time writing it, and we only have 5 followers :)

Just curious so leave a comment, send an email, just let us know who is reading it... also feel free to tell us what you love, hate, want more of, want less of...




Mark and my little garden is coming along!


Topsy Turvy

We bought the topsy turvy from Home Depot and so far so good. Its got little buds on it recently and we're excited to see how it turns out!


Also, our yard is starting to look great! Pretty soon its going to be full of flowers!


I bought some shade shrubs on ebay from a nursery up in PA. I wasnt really sure what to expect, and when they arrived, they looked like little sticks. I planted the little sticks and hoped for the best. This is the best picture I could get, but they're starting to bud! Ill keep the pictures coming because I am really blown away at how neat this is!


I love the dogs, and they love the sun!

Summer Projects

Mark and I are going to start working on some projects this summer to get our house into better condition!

New Window in the Kitchen: The window is too big for us to put a counter across the wall. We're installing a shorter window and closing the wall below it so we can put a cabinet in front of the window and move the sink.


Install the mantle in the living room. Perhaps even fix the cracks on the walls!


Rebuild the staircase-

Our staircase is built with broken wood and outdoor deck trim. We're going to replace the broken wood and put in new railings.


Fix the ugly side of our house. If we pull down those roof tiles and paint the wood... it will look totally normal... who puts roof tiles on the side of a house?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big news! We're buying another Honda!

Grand Canyon
Originally uploaded by Joe_B
Our little station wagon is still sitting in front of our house looking sad. Its been a great little car for us, and we will be eternally grateful, but its time has come. Our lovely friend Lisa is selling us her Honda Civic at a bargain basement price, only hitch? WE HAVE TO DRIVE IT HOME FROM VEGAS!

Crazy stuff.

So... we leave Tuesday.

Our plan:

Tuesday: Fly to Vegas, spend the evening with beautiful Lisa and her adorable family.

Wednesday: Get up EARLY and start the 5 hour drive south to the Grand Canyon!!! Mark's ankle is still being a little sore, but we will hike around as much as we can.

Wednesday evening: Continue driving and attempt to get out of AZ and into NM.

Thursday: Albuquerque! We don't know what the plan is here. We may try to eat at a place we saw on Diners Drive-ins and Dives and hit a Trader Joes. Then on to Amarillo, TX.

Friday: We're going to attempt to make it home Friday. We're giving ourselves time to get home Saturday, but who knows!

Any other Route 66 recommendations would be welcomed with open arms! :)



A blog I read daily was recently criticized for celebrating small things, rather than focusing only on large. I was a little struck by the negativity, and started thinking about small things that make me happy. Today, the blogger posted a list of 10 things that make her happy and urged us to do the same:

1. Spring time flowers
2. Farms, farmers and buying local
3. The way the dogs smell when they have been outside playing
4. Museums with fine art that I recognize.
5. Seeing something amazing for the first time.
6. When things are chaotic around us, and we take the time just to hug each other.
7. Running through a finish line at a race!
8. Planting my annuals in the front yard, as all my beautiful plants start to bud.
9. Cooking with Mark in the kitchen with me. He usually stands there and says "what do you need" but I love it, and it makes me happy.
10. Travel- even if its just a short drive to another state... I love seeing new things, and experiencing time on the road with my husband.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Le Sigh!

We FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY uploaded our very last pictures from Paris!

This is from our last day in Paris! We walked about 15 miles that day... and I am not kidding!

First we stormed the Bastille! We actually just stumbled upon it while walking around. It was a really exciting random find!


We thought it would be funny to buy Paul (Mark's dad) a Harley shirt from Paris... low and behold they were about 80 euro each... (that is a lot of money). So instead, we took a picture of the outside. Sorta the same :)



We wandered over to Les Halles and admired everything!




Next we realized that we hadnt seen the back of the Notre Dame... Yeah... we somehow missed it... and dear god it was amazing!




The front of Notre Dame also photographed better during the day time.






This is the RER station that we spent a lot of time in. We spent so much time here that I thought pictures of it were relevant :)





Dinner party: Tapas Themed!

We had our April dinner party in April, but Mark has been hogging the camera and I havent had a chance to upload our pictures- heck, we still have France pictures on the camera. He is hiding the cable from me, so I will try to keep up on the blog once we find it :) (its not really his fault, its just easier to blame him!)

The lovely and wonderful Aubrey and her sweet husband Chet made:

Homemade hummus!


Deviled Eggs:


BBQed pulled pork:




Katie made a dish that i cannot recall the name- it was ground turkey in a pastry- It was yummy!


Matt & Kelly made homemade crab rangoon! They are turning into little chefs... I was so impressed!


Mo made a fritatta- I have to admit I didnt try it :( It looks amazing!


Mark and I made shrimps and a goat cheese bread that I forgot to photograph!


& we also made Sangria!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aubrey made a nice punch... it was amazing!


Last but not least- CHURROS... Ben made churros... I kid you not. He hand made each and every one. With a delicious chocolate dip!



My cute husband and our wonderful friends!