Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Mark saw two lines today. I have only seen one on the bottom. She has been crying more lately and I know its from pain. She got her baltic amber teething necklace in the mail yesterday and we put it on her immediately.

Wish us luck... teething sucks!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eliza updates

eliza being cute

Eliza LOVES music. She has been banging on drums for the past month. She hears music and bangs on things. Mark gave her these maracas yesterday and she knew exactly what to do with them.

She is now waving at people when she sees them. She is also clapping. She has started reaching out to get picked up.

She is also teething. It sucks, and she still hasn't cut a tooth, but she is sure drooling, crying and sneezing!

No crawling yet. She gets on all 4's and rocks.

Playing catch up!

So much has happened lately.

mickey and allie

First, Mickey got married last weekend. We all drove up to Tahoe for a lovely ceremony on a boat on Lake Tahoe. It was perfect and the weather couldn't have cooperated any better. The sunset at the wedding was amazing! tahoe

We had fun!

mark and i

The babies were amazing!
eliza and ava

We also moved into our new place. Its small and we have too much stuff. The next week is dedicated to purging, donating and moving things to our storage unit. Rough!