Monday, March 9, 2009

Paris... take 2!

Mark and I began our travels yesterday with bright eyes and bushy tails, but we were grounded by bad weather in Chicago... Why, I ask, is Chicago a hub for any sort of international travel? That has to be the single most problematic airport (aside from Denver, but don't get me started on Denver) I have ever encountered.

Mark says they have a lot of TV stations here... (random flight of the conchords quote)

Anyway, today we're at MCI again, waiting to leave for Paris a day later, but just as hopeful. We were re-routed through DC this time, and we will arrive in Paris (hopefully) around 6:45 am on Tuesday morning. Just in time to experience the lovely Parisian rush hour.

Mark has plans to just run around saying "bonjour" in a high pitched accent. And he just asked me if I wanted to gamble once we hit international waters... I was confused but he clarified that he meant to gamble with him "for money." So its official, he has lost it. Just ignore his sections of the blog until we reach France at least.

Until next time. A bientot!

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