Monday, August 17, 2009

New Foster Dog!

Meet Abbie!

She is our new foster dog who was pretty much destined to die, and somehow survived to become one of the sweetest girls we have ever met!

Abbie was abandoned at a vet clinic in an area with a breed ban. She was positive for parvo and dying. The vets took her into their clinic, treated her, spayed her, and got her up to date on vaccinations. Unfortunately, nobody in the clinic lived in an area that allows American Pit Bull Terriers. Abbie was so special, so sweet and so loving that they contacted everyone they could think of to save this sweet girl. MABBR was able to work with the vets office and get her into an adoring fostering home immediately. Nobody knew if Abbie was good with other dogs but she came into a house with 4 resident dogs and was very nervous. We gave her a few days to relax and get comfortable with us, and we started letting her say hello from behind the gate and she wiggled and wagged her tail. One day, she was able to play with the alpha female of the group and had a great time. Within 2 days of being brought into the house, she was fully integrated into the pack.

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