Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RIP Beans McCheese Hanses

I wanted to let you all know that yesterday at around 5 pm we had Beans put to sleep. He bit a close friend of ours while we were out of town. For us it was a last straw. We had the mobile vet come over and do it in our home, so we could hold him and tell him that we loved him. He passed very peacefully, and will be cremated.

Its been a long and hard weekend for us, and we appreciate all of your support. I enclosed some pictures of him on Lake Lansing in Michigan this past summer. Contrary to what everyone thought, he wasn't nervous and had an amazing time on the boat. Its rare to capture a moment of him smiling, but he had such a great time, he couldn't stop smiling. We will spread his ashes here in Michigan this Christmas.

Rachel & Mark

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