Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby's room and floor updates!

The baby's room is starting to take shape.

January2010 028

Unfortunately its slow going because of the whole floor refinishing project that is continuing to monopolize Mark's spare time. As we speak, he is upstairs sweeping up the remainder of the glue he scraped up so he can actually rent a sander today and get that started. The baseboards need to come down and moved to a lower spot because Mark removed about 4 inches of old flooring leaving a huge gap between the wall and the floor.

The floor looks amazing. With all the scraping, water dumping and uncovered damage, the floor looks pretty decent. We're hoping a nice sanding will reveal strong, nice antique wood that spiffs right up with some stain.

January2010 026
January2010 025
January2010 024

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