Friday, July 2, 2010

30 Frickin' Years Old!

Even when I was young, 30 seemed like the golden age. You’re practically done at that point, you just sit back and relax. I have always been focused, but my goal was a doctorate by age 30. I had pictured myself sitting in a small house with a rescued pit bull. Never did I expect to be where I am today.

I blame my husband. He tricked me into falling in love with him and starting a family! I couldn’t be happier.

What have I accomplished?

I finished law school.

Why not throw in a master’s degree too.

I had Eliza naturally... IMG_0008

I married the absolute best, brightest, amazing, sweet, charming and handsome man in the entire world. The very soon to be doctor Mark!

We rescued and rehabilitated a pit bull named Slappy. I found a black lab mix in the street, adopted her and named her Pokey.

We successfully fostered over 40 homeless dogs in our home until they were adopted!

We bought this kick ass house and partially renovated it. The rest is waiting for a dual income!
garden and dogs 022

I moved half way across the country to experience something new and different.

I have been to Europe and Asia.

My husband and I have traveled through so many states and have seen so many amazing things in this great country!
Sun Studios: It was so hot...
Painted Desert:

I have been a cheerleader for my husband’s trek through chiropractic school. I cant wait until he finishes!

I am dying to find out what is next. 30 is going to open a million doors. I worked hard to get here, now is my chance to enjoy it…

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~Sarah said...

Hell yeah! I know it's not normally my style to say this, but you go girl!!