Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sorry we have been MIA for so long!!!

We're back! Happy halloween!

Its been a whirlwind trip back here to Martinez. Mark is still in Missouri packing up our house and getting a few loose ends tied up so we can rent the house out.

We found a place here in Martinez. Its clean and nice. We're very excited to move in and they're very nice about our dog (even Slappy!).

I started working for the Contra Costa County Law Library as extra help. Its been fun. I will technically be the "branch librarian" for the Pittsburg, CA branch once I get on full-time in November! I am super excited. I can't believe I got this job. I have read that unemployment in CA is realistically at around 22% and I just waltz into a job. I feel very blessed.

Mark may have found a location for his practice. Its near the Virginia Hills Safeway. He is excited, and the space is almost totally built out the way he wanted it. He will have to do some modifications, but in the end, it will be perfect. He won't open up there for a while though, so hopefully the location stays open!

That's about all I have got- Ill try to be better about updating this once Mark gets back here and we have more free time!

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Kelly Sime said...

glad to hear all is going well :)