Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy 2011 Everyone!

We have a lot going on this year but first, some good news: Our house in KC is rented! Thank god! Three nursing students asked for an 18 month lease! We're very happy about this. Perhaps after 18 months of renting, we can put a little money into it and sell it. We love that house so much!

Mark is still working on details, but he may have a part-time teaching gig up his sleeve, more to come on that later!

We're very happy in our new condo. Our heating bill in KC averaged around $400 a month in the winter for gas/electricity. Here in CA its $77! We're very pleased about that.

The dogs are doing well. Its been so rainy here that they have been stuck in doors a lot. We try to get them out as much as possible, but its hard with the baby. Rain + Baby = Sad dogs.

Eliza took her first trip away from us this week. She went with Joey, Rachelle, Jenny and Ava to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. It was the furthest and longest Eliza had ever been away from me. I worried about her, not because of my family, but just the sheer fact that she was far away. I knew she had a blast, but its hard to let your little girl go. She came home extra late, so I went from about 7:30am-6:50pm without seeing her. Almost 12 hours. It was rough. She was in a good mood and was very happy. We're so glad to have family around so Eliza can benefit from being raise by many loving people! Here are some pictures!

on the road

girls at the bay

under the sea




watching fishes

fishy fishy fishy


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