Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eliza is a food maniac!

Eliza has just recently started showing interest in foods. We have decided to just forgo the cereals and purees, because she doesn't really like them. We're doing a more "baby led weaning" style by feeding her chunks of food. She has started loving food. We give her blueberries, peas, butternut squash french fries (I cut it like french fries and bake it with some olive oil), whole grain breads, banana, etc. All whole, and all just handed to her. She has recently started eating chicken. Now that she has 4 teeth, she is really eating well. She loves mexican chicken and can even handle heat. I gave her some food that was a little to spicy and she looked at me funny, but continued to eat it.

Eliza's first taste of chicken:



This is just cute:


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Becky F. said...

too cute! I miss that little girl!