Monday, June 20, 2011

RIP Sassy "Potato Pig" Hanses 1997-2011



Sassy "Potato Pig" Hanses was 14.5 years old. She was 11 when we began fostering her. We saw that she was morbidly obese, unable to walk and missing a ton of fur. We adopted her with the caveat that we could not afford medical bills, and that if we moved back to California, we couldn't take her with us. MABBR agreed and we took her into our house. The first year was good, she loved our dogs and they loved her. She began getting comfortable and old in her new home and promptly lost weight. She began getting weekly walks down the street and back and a very strict healthy diet. Soon she was running around the house like a puppy jumping up on people. With this new found energy came some dog aggression. After multiple scuffles with Slappy and Pokey, we decided to keep Potato separated. She lived in her own apartment for the remainder of her life.

We had no idea that dog would give us 3.5 good years. We thought we had 4-5 months with her MAX. Dogs are amazing creatures and man is not evolved enough to see the worth of such a devoted pet.

Sassy was the nicest dog that has ever lived on this earth. To this day, I have never known a dog that loved a petting more than Sassy. She smiled with her entire body and waggled at you whenever you approached. She was also one of the most stubborn dogs I have ever known. She climbed over a baby gate that was 3 ft. high. She headbutted the baby gates to get them down, just so she could lay down on the couch with the other dogs.

We loved our Potato. Its been a long time coming for her, but she is at peace now. We knew that she was ready to go, and she gave us her blessing.

If anyone wants to donate in Sassy's honor to MABBR, we would love to know that her passing can save another life.

We love you Sassy, you're amazing!

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