Saturday, March 6, 2010

The floor... a compilation... what a mess!

So here is a pictorial of what we went through with our bedroom floor. It started out as a kitchen, and had an ugly white vinyl flooring on top of this hideous brown flooring. There were 6 layers of flooring before we were able to even get to the bare wood. Also, there were huge nails every 4 inches from each other throughout the entire floor. We walked around with socks to get them snagged to figure out where the hidden nails were... it was gross!

Mark scraped the glue up by hand in the entire 10x10 room.

After 3 hours of Mark and his dad removing the previous 5 layers of hideous flooring:

hideous flooring in the office

This floor was filthy, stinky and probably full of asbestos.

Mark chipping away the old floor tiles before he has to scrape up the glue:

The beautiful wood with a top coat of disgusting old glue:
Floor as of now...

After soaking the glue in water for 30 minutes, Mark used that scraper attached to the pole to scrape up what he was able to of the glue to reveal a severely damaged wood floor:

The entire floor scraped:

First round of sanding:

Final sand:

Stain and poly:




Anonymous said...

Gorgeous floor . You will have a story to tell every time someone tells you that. Gosh that floor took a lot of sweat.

Rachel H. said...

Thank you! We're very pleased with the result :)