Monday, March 15, 2010

Our first child: Slappy

We adopted Slappy from Reunion Rescue in May of 2003. We're going on 7 years of love with our little brindle girl, and I thought it would be a nice time to remember her first milestones with us, since she is going to be a big sister soon!

This is the second time I met Slappy. I went to visit her at the emergency vet after her spay opened up and she ended up eating part of her intestines and stomach. She required a lot of surgery to repair her. The end result was an alive dog, a fired shelter employee (who drove her to the emergency vet) and a huge ordeal with our rescue being banned from pulling from San Francisco Animal Care and Control... its a long story!

IV hospital dog
jail pit

Slappy's first Christmas card:
Slapmas Card

Her first picture with Santa:

The first time she met her grandpa... who was hesitant to meet his pit bull granddaughter... it was love at first attack kiss!


First trip to the Lake:

First camping trip:

Her daily walk up on the road:
nature dog.JPG

Three generations of Hanses:

Slappy and her BFF Biggie. I guarantee you they got in trouble for this one:

and this one:

Our first foster dog ever, the Dingo:

One of my favorite pictures ever:
ebay and stuffin 064

Another favorite:

Slappy's favorite toy ever, her eel... Pokey killed it.


Slappy's first appearance in the PBRC calendar:

She used to love sitting in the sun on the grass and helping her dad work on the ford.


Slappy and her cousin Bella:

Slappy's first taste of Missouri snow... check out the look on her face!

One of the first pictures of Slappy and Pokey... I think they love each other:

So far Slappy has visited 13 states, been to beaches, lakes and bodies of water all over the US. We're proud of our little girl.

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