Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eliza the ham!

  by Rachel and Mark H.
, a photo by Rachel and Mark H. on Flickr.

Eliza updates. Her birthday is coming up!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow. We're celebrating on the 17th at my mom's house. Eliza's grandma Nancy will be in town to celebrate.

She can now bark, meow and moo. We're working on quack, but its slow going. She likes to click her tounge and sing along to whatever song is in her head. She has started rockin' out to music and has the one legged jig down. She sort of dances like her daddy!

She has been super fussy the past few days. We think more teeth are coming in. She had a slight fever last night 99, but it was gone by this morning and she was in a great mood. She isn't eating very well either.

Normally though, this baby is a hog. We sort of skipped the cereals and purees because she didn't want them and we're following "baby led weaning" where you let the baby tell you what they want. We just hand her what we're eating and she eats it. Its pretty simple. Last night she shared my chicken burrito. She also loves citrus. She has been eating oranges off the tree at my brother's house. She is still nursing like a little pig. She loves it. I hope that food starts to become her #1 source of food and I can become #2 and slowly phase out, but we'll see what she wants.

She is doing really well at her daycare. Things are good there.

My new job is going really well. I am happy, and that is important.

Thats all for now!

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