Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eliza the happy and smiley little gal!

  by Rachel and Mark H.
a photo by Rachel and Mark H. on Flickr.

Eliza updates!

She is now talking. She can say "dog" "mama" "dada" and she can bark. It sounds more like "ahh ahha" but she does it. She can also wave bye bye. She points to parts of the face if you say them. Nose is her favorite. She can point out the cat and dog in her favorite book. She is also turning book pages front and back when she reads with you. She climbs down and sometimes will sit in front of the book shelf and read by herself for up to an hour!

She is learning how to pet the dogs. I can say "pat Slappy" and she pats her, then I say "rub slappy" and she rubs her. I am working on high five, but she doesnt slap, she just sticks her hand up to yours.

Her birthday is about a month away and we're super excited. We're planning it at my mom's but if the weather is nice, we'll move it to the park. Lots of people are planning to come!

She is so much fun!

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