Thursday, December 25, 2008


I have to say that I agree with Rachel 100% about our trip to Omaha. Big surprise, I know... We had a great time there! The zoo was amazing! I thought that it wouldn't be as impressive in the winter, but it really was. I can only imagine how cool it is in the summer when all the beasts are out. It's hard for me to pick a favorite exhibit, but I think I liked the indoor desert dome thing the best. The animals were so close... some didn't even have netting or cages. After the zoo, we went to find food. We were sad that the Italian place was closed, but I thought the meatball grinder more than made up for the disappointment. The sandwich was huge! I managed to eat the whole thing and also had a bite of Rachel's slice. I would definitely eat there again... we actually played around with the idea of ordering a whole pizza to go for our ride home, but because of the snow we really wanted to get moving. I was able to visit all three record stores in the 2 block radius and they all were really good. WAY better than anything we have here in Kansas City. My only complaint is that they didn't carry much of a selection of old records... I was able to find some great soul 45's that I will be posting on my record blog soon. Over all it was a really nice trip. It was great to get out of town and away from the dogs for a little while (sorry dogs). Rachel posted a good amount of pics, so the only one I'm going to add is a picture of my cool beat-up record from the antique store.... It was only 2 bucks!
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant 2 Guitars Country Style:
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant

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