Monday, December 29, 2008

Tile tile tile tile! Our mudroom was UGLY before...

We decided that our mudroom was ugly! We put down the sticky tiles and one day left Beans in there, and he chewed some of them up... which led to them all coming unstuck and making our floor look like we lived in a barn.


We got a little xmas money from some glorious relatives and decided to use that toward buying some tile. We noticed a little shop near our house that had just opened called Builders Supply that buys out builders bulk items at a fraction of the cost. We went in and they had the most beautiful porcelain tile at .69 cents a sq. ft. We couldn't resist. We bought enough to do our kitchen as well. The price we spent on tiling our kitchen and mudroom was the amount we had allotted towards just the mudroom.


Anyway, Mark is still downstairs getting the rest of the thin set on, but tomorrow is grout day! Here is the progress thus far...


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