Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am not taking the bar exam!

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My friends are all taking the Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas and other bar exams this week. I thought long and hard about sitting for MO, but it really would make no difference for me either way because I never plan to practice in Missouri. What does scare me is the fact that I am losing so much of what I learned in law school, so ill have to re-learn it for the CA bar, which is the hardest in the country. I won't have anything riding on my success other than pride, but I really would like to practice someday after I retire from my calling of librarianship. Once I get to an older age, I would love to work pro bono for a domestic violence non profit or shelter. I enjoyed doing that in law school, but I didn't want to make it my life's work.

I suppose this post is just a reflection of where I am at in my life. I am the envy of all my friends, I probably make as much, if not more than most of them, and I am happy. I think practicing law, especially during a recession, is just a cruel joke. So few actually love what they do, and for those of us who followed our hearts... well we have a crap load of debt to pay off!

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