Sunday, February 8, 2009

Italian Night!

Mark and I hosted this month's dinner party and it was a roaring success!

Mark provided the Italian beer, Peroni and Morello.

I made a ziti with homemade ricotta and sauce. The fresh cheese gave it such a light and clean taste. I was really happy with it!

I also made a mushroom and pea risotto, which was phenomenal!

Chris made pizza bread, it was a stuffed bread with meat and mushrooms. The mushroom one was great- I ate about 3 pieces!

Katie outdid herself again with homemade gnocchi. She hand rolled the gnocchi and cooked them up. They were amazing!

Jessica made a delicious salad, recipe complements of Giada! She also made a delicious ricotta cheese dish that was in the oven when I was taking pictures and I totally forgot to take a picture of it!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt and Kelly made meatballs with marinara. They also made the garlic cheese bread!

Aubrey made a delicious Italian wedding cake- it was AMAZING!

Ben made an amazing panna cotta with a homemade raspberry topping... All I can say is YUM!

It was a success. We finished off a couple bottles of wine and a ton of beer.


Michael A. said...

Umm...I'm jealous... How do I get in on this kinda goodness???

Mike said...

Man, no one here ever wants to do something like that... I would totally be down. Everything looked soo good! Props on the homemade Ricotta, and Rizzoto is really hard to get right also.

Let me know the next time it's happening, I make a mean Tiramisu!!!

Rachel H. said...

Are you gonna fly out for our next group meal? I do believe its March 22nd!

Mike said...
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Mike said...

I wish! But Lisa's birthday is the 21st, so I am working on other things for that timeperiod.

But you guys can come out here for Mexican night is CA... I think it will be around April 20th!