Thursday, July 2, 2009

My list of things to do!

My lovely friend Jessica posted a list of to-do projects on her house to keep her “honest” and I laughed and thought it was a great idea. Lists may not keep me honest; they do remind me of what my priorities are. It’s not like we have cable television bogging us down anymore!

1. Finish the bedroom. It’s so close I can taste it. Paint on the trim boards on the windows, the entire new cabinet and one more piece of custom trim some how forced into a weird little nook.

2. Paint the exterior of the house. Its pathetic that we have had the paint for almost 2 years and we’re finally buckling down and doing it!

3. Rip up linoleum flooring in the office/ new bedroom. I want to get it all up, so I can see if the hardwoods underneath the 5 layers of wood/linoleum and vinyl is worth saving.

4. Finish upstairs hardwoods. This may be my long shot- but those hardwoods are dying for something on them. I worry that if we don’t put at least some protection on them, that they will need to be replaced. They’re not original to the house, but I think they were installed some time in the 1910’s-1920’s, and they should be preserved.

5. Install some railing on the deck. Mark ripped all the railing off the deck in one of his moments of glory and now we have no railing. We want the deck open, but we need something protecting the door to the basement.

6. Fix the roof on the storage section of the garage. Its leaking, ‘nuff said!

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