Monday, July 27, 2009

What a weekend!

Mark and I have been having a tough time lately with the demands of work, school, life, dogs and everything else just piling up. We were at the point in which we hadn't relaxed or focused on ourselves in a long time. We took almost the entire weekend off (I had an online presentation on Sunday morning for school).

Friday night we went to the Royals game with Michelle and Joe, they lost... it was fun regardless.Royals!

Saturday morning we took Slappy and Beans to Smithville lake for an afternoon of swimming and hanging out. Slappy didn't get out of the water once for the entire 2 hours we were there, and when she was tired, she laid down in the water. It was cute. Beans swam a bit, but stressed himself out so he took a nap on the blanket. We didn't bring Pokey because she had a cut on her foot and we didnt want it flaring up. She was mad when we got home so Mark took her for a short walk. Slappy going to smithville lake!

Saturday evening we went to another Royals game with Michelle and Joe and THEY WON! It was one of the best Royals games I had ever seen! We also got Royals stockings as a Christmas in July giveaway.Royals win!

Saturday night we went to the Luau at Cory & Sarah's house. It was fun, I couldnt stay too late because of my presentation in the morning, but we had a nice time.

Sunday- Presentation went off without a hitch :)

Sunday afternoon we went to Chet and Aubrey's for a relaxing family bbq (we're in the family!). Chet's dad made the best bbq chicken I have ever had in my life. Chet cornered me when I was walking outside and asked me if it was better than his... I reluctantly nodded and he said "I KNEW IT!" He also made the best pork ribs of his life and I agreed to try a bite. They were very tender, but greasy and porky. I have never liked pork, so this wasn't about to convert me back to a full fledged carnivore.

WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE LACK OF GOOD PHOTOS. We're still looking for the cable. These are all from our cell phones :(

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