Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yard update!

Yard update
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We're trying as hard as possible to get rid of as much of our lawn! I hate the lawn because its bad on the environment, and Mark is learning that its just not worth it. I am going to buy a push mower with no motor to justify the remaining section of our lawn. Our neighbor Jeremy told us that most people have more emissions from their lawnmower in a year than they do from their car. :(

Next spring we're taking the lawn out of the back yard against the house and planting lilacs along the side of the house. We're taking the entire section of lawn out in the front between the existing flower bed and the little path we did and making a flower garden. We're also taking the lawn out of the side yard and building a garden. We're going to rope that section off from the dogs and make it the "people" section of the yard. This will also help with Bean's aggression towards the front gate. He slams himself up against it. Its just easier to keep him where we can see him.

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