Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I dont want to shock anyone...

As all of you know, Mark and I are very involved in rescue with MABBR. We are in pretty deep meaning that we deal with a lot of the crap that comes to the rescue day to day. We hear all the sob stories and get all the gruesome emails. Many of you cannot handle what we do day to day, and we respect that... but I just need to get it off my chest.

PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT IRRESPONSIBLE BREEDERS! For every dog bought from an irresponsible breeder (especially pit bulls) I PERSONALLY have to clean up messes. Hammy, our foster dog was bred so the man could "sell" these pit/lab mixes. A friend of our rescue found the pups starving to death in the man's yard (she lives next door) and asked to take them. We were able to save 3 out of 11... one died from the elements- the rest were "dumped in a car somewhere, that is all I know." My Hammy had 10 siblings, and god only knows where the other 8 are... :(

Anyway- today was particularly hard for me in terms of emails the rescue has received. I just thought I would post a sampling so you all see what I see every single day. If this helps save one dog... so be it. If it makes you cry... it needs to be known. This crap is happening every where...

1/6/09: Emails to MABBR (I edited them for anonymity)

1.) Puppies getting ready to be killed
I have just heard that Jackson Animal Clinic is going to put down 7 pit bull/lab mixed puppies that were found behind a grocery store in Platte City, MO.

2.) First of all my husband is in the Military, and we are stationed in Japan...(I found a dog, yada yada)...The kennels off base (Japanese kennels) will put her down immediately because the americans have over-bred the pitbulls on this island. WHY ARE AMERICAN MILITARY PEOPLE BREEDING DOGS ON FOREIGN SOIL?????

3.) This is one of those extremely hard cases you send out an email with hope in your heart. I was called today at work, local shelter has been holding on to a pregnant Pit mama, allowing to grow fat and happy just to put her down with babies still intact. Shelter manager called my work today, asking me to work a miracle rescue on her, as she will be put down tomorrow. She will 100% be euthanized tomorrow if no one responds to this plea for rescue. I'm attaching her photos, not the greatest as they were taken at the shelter. Shelter manager said she's such a sweetheart, and she just can't put her down, manager said "Tina if you move her to rescue, I will be forever indebted to you."

I dont know why these three emails just really got to me. Perhaps its because I just love dogs too much, or perhaps, I am just losing faith in humanity. Who are these people? I cant imagine myself ever knowing or caring for someone so inhumane and heartless. I guess this is just a rant, but its something I face every single day- and I am not even on the decision making side of the rescue, I keep myself out of it, because its too hard for me to make the call of who lives and who dies. We have volunteers who go "shopping" for dogs in shelters when we have 1 space available. Imagine walking into a shelter with 200 dogs, 160 of them pit bulls, all crying and wagging their tails at you... all cute, sweet and loving... and you have to pick 1!!!!!! I cant do it... my heart says no. Dont breed or buy while shelter dogs die!

Please don't buy! :(

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