Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking back...

Here is a before and after on the front of our house-

This is the day we closed on it- August 4, 2005

front of house

Here is the house after we got all the nasty ivy and other plants out and actually tried out a lawn- around 2006ish.


This is the house after we had the porch rebuilt and the retaining wall installed in 2007:


Here is our house this past summer 2008:




Bringing the farm to the city... said...

Wow it makes all your hard work so obvious!
When can I come visit? Late summer perhaps?

Rachel H. said...

Visit any time you want! You are always welcome here!

Michael A. said...

I still can't believe the amazing job you two have done. The transformation in the past three years has been incredible. I can't believe it's the same house!