Saturday, May 2, 2009

Celebrating Nicole!

Today we went to an awards banquet for our beloved friend Nicole Cawlfield. She is the photographer behind all of the MABBR portraits and a really wonderful person. Today she was honored at her former school the Kansas City Art Institute as Local Distinguished Photographer Alumna (or something like that). I think she is an amazing photographer, and an even better person. She has saved more dogs in the last two years, than just about anyone else I know. She had about 12 dogs at her small two bedroom house for a while there, and dealt with a lot of crap just to save a litter of adorable baby puppies.

I just wanted to say that Nicole is my Kansas City family, and I love her with all my heart. I was really proud for her for winning that award today, and glad that Mark and I could be there to celebrate with her family. To top it all off, she is Portuguese, from the Azores and her family immigrated to San Francisco- so I know that somewhere down the line we're related!

Nicole et. all

To see some of her amazing work, visit or for her gallery work.

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