Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mark hit the jackpot!

Originally uploaded by Rachel and Mark H.
Yesterday Mark woke me up to go with him to an estate sale with records. This is pretty common, so I got up out of bed early and we traveled to Shawnee, KS. We arrived at the "estate sale" to find a piddly little garage sale, and Mark was instantly disappointed. "ESTATE SALES ARE ENTIRE ESTATES" he is famous for shouting as we approach garage sales entirely mislabeled. Anyway- So we walked up and found a few boxes of records. The lady said they were .25 cents. Usually Mark grabs about 8-9 MAX if he finds a box of records that cheap. As you can tell by the picture, he was pleasantly surprised and bought a boatload of records, all in great shape for $15. He had a good day!


Jessica, Aaron & Jack said...

What albums did he find?

Lisa said...

Great job! Woot!

Rachel H. said...

Just a bunch of old country- but he was super excited!

Mark said...

Lot's of Marty Robbins, Webb Pierce, Hank Thompson...stuff like that. The coolest records I found were on a local label called Westport. Super cool!