Sunday, May 3, 2009

Road Trip Spring 2009 is only two days away!

We have our lovely friends watching the kids, we have our plane tickets and everything is starting to happen!

Here is a run down of the trip!

Tuesday at 2:30 our flight departs from MCI to LAS. We arrive at 6:05 PM and my lovely friend Lisa is picking us up. We're having dinner in LV with Lisa then off to bed.

Wednesday- we plan on leaving around 5:00 am to get to the Grand Canyon at a decent hour. Its a 45 min drive to the Hoover Dam and we're going to hit that, because it was the only thing my Grandma Bonnie ever told me to see, and I think its important that I see it!

From the Hoover Dam, we're heading south towards the historic route 66. We hit Route 66 in Seligman, AZ which is the birthplace of Route 66, and the inspiration for the movie Cars. We plan to have breakfast here if the timing works out, maybe not!

From Seligman, we're heading north up to Grand Canyon National Park. We're not sure how much of the canyon we're going to be able to see because Mark's ankle is still pretty busted from his sprain, and we don't need to be hiking around that much. We may just hang out with the bus loads of elderly travelers and see the highlights!

From the Grand Canyon, we plan on driving south an hour and a half to Flagstaff, AZ and spending the night there.

Thursday: We have a 4:30 hour drive to Albuquerque, NM. It should be pretty easy, and there are lots of neat parks including the Homoluvi Ruins and the Petrified Forest. We may stop and check them out of we're feeling up for it. We will have plenty of time to stay in Albuquerque before we have to head out to Clovis, NM. The Norman Petty studios are in Clovis, NM, and Buddy Holly recorded there. Mark is really excited. We have an appointment to visit the studios on Friday morning at 10:00 am. The man running the place was very nice to accommodate us on such short notice because its an appointment only tour.

Friday: We have our tour at 10:00 am at the Norman Petty Studios. From there we're heading southeast to Lubbock, TX. Lubbock is home to Buddy Holly and there is the Buddy Holly Center,, and its a nice little museum. Buddy Holly was also buried here. It seems like we're obsessing a little (obviously more Mark than myself) on Buddy Holly, but seriously... when else are we going to be close enough to these historic places to visit?

From Lubbock, we drive two hours north to Amarillo, TX. Hopefully we will make it here in time for dinner. If we can swing it, we can make the hellish drive up to Oklahoma City (another 4 hours) and sleep there for the evening.

The remaining 5 hours can easily be done Saturday morning, just in time to come home and see our beloved little doggies!

This feels like a pretty chill road trip. I hope its as uneventful as it sounds!

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amlacey said...

If you make it to Amarillo by dinner, be sure to eat at the Big Texan. If you eat the entire 72 oz (no joke) steak they'll give it to you for free!
And look for the Texas-shaped hot tub when you're in Lubbock.

Rachel H. said...

Thanks! We will!

Also, I don't eat red meat, and Mark doesn't really either... so I think we automatically fail the 72oz challenge :)