Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holy hole in the wall Batman!

So, many of you don't remember our houses layout when we bought it. It was converted into two units, and the top unit was a 1 bedroom apartment. Our bedroom was the living/dining room, the office was the kitchen and the guest room was the 1 bedroom. I'm sure you all remember our huge renovation of the upstairs kitchen... we gutted the entire thing... So, the closet in the office used to be the walk way into the living room (now our bedroom) and we never closed it up. It had a door on it, but we took that off to install the closet door, and just left the huge gap in the wall. We have been living with this since around 2007 when we did the office reno.

Here is the "hallway" when Mark did our final walk through before we bought the place:

Not half bad you say? Well consider this... there is a refrigerator in the space that now has a computer!


I cant find any intermediate pictures, but here is what it looks like today. I would like to say we finished it but Mark scampered off to baseball, so I made him promise to help me get it at least a little more finished before bed.

Mark had to rip the metal parts that helped with the hideous arched doorways. We wanted everything in the house to be square, and thought the weird arched doorways didnt match or make any sense. So he had to pull all of that down. I helped by bashing away the plaster with my super strong arms.

Then we got it nice and clean: Bedroom

Then we started by installing the cabinet from Home Depot that we bought, and hopefully we will get finished later! Picture this painted white, with a book shelf above it!


I also primed the entire thing... so we will see how it works out!

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