Monday, June 29, 2009

Home grown goodness! My garden is doing well!

I have been growing all of my edibles in pots on the picnic table so Beanie can't pee on them and Pokey wont lay in them and so far so good!Beans proof garden

My cucumbers are insane. We ate one last night and they were great. I have never had an organic homegrown cucumber before and I have to say it was very flavorful and a little earthy. The first bite was a surprise, but the second was amazing. The skin was nice and thin, not all waxy and thick like store bought cucs. I am excited that we have about 20 more growing out there, and two almost ready to pick!Cucumber

Tomatoes... not doing so well :( Not a single baby tomato on the entire bush. Not sure what I did wrong, but :(Still no tomatoes

Jalapenos are doing well. Right now we have only 1 left of the 8 I planted (thank you squirrels) but its huge and has about 20 flowers on it. Hopefully all of those turn into jalapenos!Jalapeno

Basil, its insane. If Mark and I didnt eat so much basil I would be concerned, but this is like a goldmine of basil-y goodness!Basil

Sage, its beautiful, it smells great and it tastes even better. I need to look up some summery sage recipes. Otherwise, I am drying this stuff out for fall and winter! Sage


Jack heart Rocco; Jes heart Aaron said...

Your garden looks great!!

I'm jealous of your cucs... our plants are seriously stunted, fortunately we've been getting yummy cucs from the CSA.

Don't stress about the tomatoes yet, some varieties are late bloomers, and you'll get all your fruit at the end of summer.

Rachel H. said...

Oooh thats great news :) Thanks Jes! I wish I could mail you a cuc... but I think that wouldn't work out all that well. Anything in your garden going crazy?