Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just for the sake of reminising!

Our bathroom was hideous... it looked like someones 1960's Maybelline Mascara nightmare!


I made sure to include a larger picture so you can see all of the little highlights in this lovely room. Please note the really bad white vinyl flooring that was so old and brittle the our dogs footprints became a permanent addition to these floors when we couldn't scrub the dirt out... You could literally see foot prints on the clean floor. Remember how people used to wax their floors? Me either, but apparently this is what you did to this old vinyl to keep it from getting so porous. Next, please note the different colors of tile... Pink, Burgundy and of course white... it goes great with the spearmint walls.


Note the awesome oak embellishments that match the beautiful brass hardware on the sink... I think someone found all of these things in a junk pile and installed them in our house!

The after... take white paint, a home depot sink, recycled tile from the restore, a new faucet and toilet and you have:


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