Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby's room/ Our new room/ We don't know what we're doing!

So we had a lovely plan. It involved taking our bedroom, splitting it, and having 4 bedrooms upstairs. We were going to move into the office, and make it our bedroom, and use the sunroom as a sun porch off the master bedroom.

Then we found out about the kid... Now we're scrambling.

We pulled up the flooring in the office to our dismay, its not in great shape and it has vinyl tiles glued to it. It smells like garbage and its really dusty. Its making us both sick. We're going to try the old water and glue trick tonight to see if we soak the glue if it will come up easily, and we're praying that it does. If not, we're going to the old torch and scraper trick which should be painstakingly awful.

hideous flooring in the office

We're still not sure which room we're going to put the baby into. If we can get a wall and door up in our current bedroom, we're moving Mark Jr. in there, and putting the dogs in the room next door and moving our stuff into the *completed* office.

I can't find any before pictures but here is a visual. Imagine the most hideous, porous white vinyl flooring that is spattered with paint, missing chunks and ugly. This is floating over a layer of wood, and another layer of vinyl and another layer of wood over another layer of vinyl that is glued on to the hardwoods. That is about 3 inches of pure ugly, stinky and nailed to the ground.

Pray for us... We hope to have this done by the months end!