Friday, October 30, 2009

First Ultrasound, Heart Beat and Birthing Center!

Mark Jr.! - approximately 15 weeks

Sorry for the HUGE picture, but if you look closely you can see Mark Jr.'s little face. We saw him/her wiggle all around, wave, kick and move. It was pretty amazing. So far, so good! Two arms, two legs and Mark likes to also point out that the baby has a head... good times!

We visited the birthing center yesterday as well, and its pretty neat. The midwives are all SO NICE. Everyone in the place is excited and happy, and its just got a really positive vibe. I was so scared of the sterile, hospital feel of a hospital, and this is such a nice change. They have different themed rooms, with beds, kitchenettes and bathrooms with tubs. I am going to consider the water birth, but I have to take a class on it first, to learn about the technique. The neat thing about the center is that they have photos of all of the families and babies that are born there, and they're all so different. There were very ethnic families and very normal looking people. It was nice to see the variety of people who are willing to use the midwives and facilities.

Our midwife was very cool about Mark being a chiropractor and kept talking to him like a doctor, which I always appreciate and love. I think he does too :)

Afterwards, we were in a very Latin American area of Kansas City, KS and we stumbled upon a little central american restaurant and wandered in. There was one lady working, and she didn't speak english. Luckily for me, I am an ace at ordering food in Spanish (not really) but she got our orders right and it was AMAZING! We thought that our move to KC would inhibit our love for pupusas, and this is the second place we have found that serves them! YAY!


Mike said...

OK, is that really a face or just a weird angle? Cus it's kinda freakin me out.

Rachel H. said...

Its a face! :) Cute huh!