Monday, October 12, 2009

Mark Jr. is about the size of a fig...

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One book we have says that its the size of a fig, another says about the size of a lime- around 2 inches. Either way, this week its getting reflexes. We're hoping for some Chuck Norris type reflexes, but we'll settle for normal development!

I am feeling MUCH better this week. I have fought off a cold, and the first trimester is coming to an end (thank you GOD!) so I am almost feeling back to normal.

We're excited to find out what gender this thing is, so we can stop calling it an it.

My belly is showing, I feel huge, but I can still button my jeans (trucker style- according to Mark, buttoned under the belly). Its feeling hard too, which is nice to know something is going on in there.

Hopefully at our next appt we will be able to hear a heartbeat and get our blood test results back.

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